Changing one’s appearance is not anything new in our modern society. Technology and the media have greatly heightened the awareness and curiosity of the general public thus increasing their desires and demands to have aesthetically pleasing teeth. Everyone wants perfect teeth. Everyone wants a radiant and glowing smile. For 99% of the population the only way to achieve that is through cosmetic dental surgery.

A good dentist in this particular field will always look for the most minimally invasive procedure in order to preserve a healthy tooth structure. He or she will look to perform surgery with the least amount of tooth and gum removal possible while at the same time aiming to restore teeth to their normal condition.

A dentist in the cosmetic surgery field is trained to providing excellent work and service to all their patients. Besides being trained in the general dental field they are taught teeth reconstruction, making crooked teeth turn into straight teeth without the use of braces and teeth whitening.

There are new methods coming out every year in the world of cosmetic dental surgery. Gorgeous smiles and Hollywood celebrity looking teeth have never been so attainable. No matter how messed up you believe your teeth to be there is a procedure out there that can fix it. Any problem can be restored and maintained with the right dentist helping you.

The technology and surgeons to operate them are out there. The only question that remains is if you can afford it. An operation can cost anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Getting cosmetic teeth work abroad (aka dental tourism) has become quite popular as a result of this.

The following are several cosmetic dental surgery treatments you can get to attain the smile you have always wanted.

Teeth Whitening

This is by far the most common and cheapest procedure you can get. It’s basically turning your stained and yellow teeth to a bright pearly white color. For people with extreme discoloration this is a very effective treatment to get and you will have to refinance your house to afford it.

Replacement Tooth Filing

Gold and silver filings do not look attractive. They never did and never will. Nevertheless, it was common to have a tooth be filled with gold or amalgam several decades ago. This is not done any longer. When you opt for this surgery a tooth colored or white filling which more closely matches your natural teeth will replace it.

Porcelain Veneers

This procedure is done by a cosmetic dentist and with the modern technology we have he or she will be able to greatly improve one’s profile and overall smile overnight. Your teeth will appear straight and their color will be almost perfect. Minimal invasive cosmetic dentistry is applied into this practice where discolored tooth can now be improved and ones profile will improve because of this procedure.

Tooth Bonding

This is a process where crooked teeth, teeth with discolorations, and large gaps can be corrected. The process is completed by first preparing a tooth and then adding a thin layer of restorative material on the front portion of the teeth using a high-intensity light.